The state will move carefully towards reopening in-person instruction by county based on local health data.


On July 17, 2020, updated guidance was released for childcare, day camps, and schools. Find this guidance and more in the list of statewide guidance and checklists.

Game slot game đổi thưởng uy tín 2018The ensures that K-12 public schools will retain full funding, even if they close campuses. More than $5 billion dollars has been awarded to transitional K-12 public schools to from school closures and to support distance learning.

For current information about closures and their impact on the school year, .

California also released education leaders meet the needs of all students affected by school closures, with an emphasis on assisting low-income children and those with disabilities.

The California Department of Education has guidance on, including:

Higher education

Interim guidance for institutions of higher educationGame slot game đổi thưởng uy tín 2018 is available to help institutions and their communities plan and prepare to resume in-person instruction.

Many schools, , are adjusting admission criteria in response to COVID-19.

See your college or university’s COVID-19 response:

To learn more about your state financial aid package, visit the website.

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